For The People

There are 21 new shows for DStv customers to look forward to this week, from movies and series, to new cartoons and music shows.

Let Nickelodeon introduce you to Blurt. After a strange virtual reality accident, he loses his ability to think inwardly and can’t help but blurt out his every thought. Watch this fun movie on Saturday, 28 April at 12:55 on Nickelodeon.

Don’t miss your chance to get to know one of Kenya’s best afro-pop bands with Focus: Sauti Sol on Saturday, 28 April at 14:02 on TRACE Africa.

A land finds itself in need of leadership, but the man appointed may be their worst nightmare in Sorrowful Mind on Saturday, 28 April at 20:00 on Africa Magic Epic.

Alexander Skarsgård and Michael Peña are corrupt cops determined to wage War On Everyone until the dirty duo meet their match in a more powerful opponent on Saturday, 28 April at 21:00 on M-Net.

Couldn’t get enough of the laughs and tears when The Wedding Bashers took us on a matrimony whirlwind? Well they’re back on M-Net, kicking off season two with four special weddings each planned by a judge. Watch this on Sunday, 29 April at 18:00.

Your favourite British comedian is back for season three of Michael McIntyre’s Big Show with all-new guests and send-to-all antics. Watch it on Sunday, 29 April at 18:40 on BBC Brit.

While everything appears to be perfect on the surface, a couple delves deeper to find deception that could ruin their relationship on Fool Me Once.  Watch it on Sunday, 29 April at 20:00 on Africa Magic Showcase.

For the People follows new lawyers as they handle the most high-profile and high-stakes cases in the country while their personal lives intersect. Catch it on Monday at 20:30 on 1Magic.

Two men play a dangerous game of deceit, but things change once they’re been found out in Prophet Apama on Monday, 30 April at 21:00 on Africa Magic Epic.

Learn more about some of the world’s most incredible and lucrative fashion brands when FashionOne takes you behind the scenes in Designer’s Cut on Monday, 30 April at 21:00, starting with the twin brothers who began DSquared2. 

From The Bottom Up is back for a third season, following the lives of women struggling to overcome the troubles of their difficult and busy lives. Watch it on Monday, 30 April at 21:00 on BET.

Watch some of South Africa’s brightest fight it out to be crowned Blitsbrein on Tuesday, 1 May at 21:00 on VIA.

After finding his wife dead at the foot of the stairs, Michael Peterson has been dubbed The Staircase Killer. Find out if he’s guilty on Monday, 1 May at 21:00 on Discovery iDX.

Based on the film Big Fat Liar, a tech-savvy teen’s game is stolen by a greedy video game executive and he’ll do whatever it takes to get it back on Bigger Fatter Liar. Watch the movie on Tuesday, 1 May at 13:50 on M-Net Movies Premiere.

Meet inspirational South African individuals who grew up in the foster care system and defied all odds by creating success and opportunities for themselves in Wees season one on Tuesday, 2 May at 21:00 on VIA.

It’s been quite some time since we’ve been served up a home-brewed dose of strategy and bug eating, so make sure you catch Survivor SA: Champions on Thursday, 3 May at 19:00 on M-Net.

Join a celebratory and affectionate look at the Royal Family and the world’s obsession with them on A Right Royal Quiz on Thursday, 3 May at 20:00 on ITV Choice.

A Night With My Ex: US gives couples a chance to reconnect. But will they find love or are broken relationships better left in the past? Watch it on Thursday, 3 May at 21:00 on Discovery TLC.

Bubble Wrap Boy sheds light on the life of a 16-year-old whose debilitating genetic disease has dictated his every move, until now. Doctors may be able to give him a new lease on life - watch it on Thursday, 3 May at 22:00 on Discovery TLC.

As the royal wedding edges closer and closer, ITV Choice takes time to explore one of Britain’s most iconic moments- the wedding of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip in A Very Royal Wedding on Friday, 4 May at 20:00.

Unhappy couples are given the chance to take time off from their spouses and connect with someone with whom they may have been more suited when Seven Year Switch US returns for a second season on Friday, 4 May at 20:00 on Lifetime.