Artwork for the DStv rewards campaign - BAT

We can’t reveal what’s coming yet, but what we can tell you is that there’s only one way not to miss out. And that’s to update your account with your latest details as soon as possible.

It will only take you five minutes. Simply follow these easy steps:

Step 1

 Step 2

  • Sign in with your surname or mobile number and IUC number or customer number.

 Step 3

  • Go to the account icon.

Step 4

  • Choose the edit icon and update your personal details.
  • Don’t forget to click save.

Your details will be captured instantly, and you can confirm this by logging out and signing back into your profile.

If you can’t update your details online, simply phone the call centre, or go to your nearest MultiChoice Africa branch or dealer and we can update your details for you.

Remember, we’ll never share your details with third-party companies. Your information is private and confidential.

So go to now for your chance to be a part of something big!

T&Cs apply.