Husband for Hire

Here are a few things we absolutely love about the men in the Telemundo telenovelas.

Telenovelas have had ladies glued on the screens from time immemorial, and what better place to catch non-stop supply of these stories than on Telemundo (channel 118). Here are a few things we absolutely love about the men in the Telemundo shows and why they would inspire a girl to hire a husband:

1. Sexy bods

Is it even normal for Spanish to be that fit? It’s almost as if they live in a perfect world where all men, from the boss to the gardener, have nice toned arms and legs. Men should watch Telemundo to understand why the women obsess over the shows. It’s not always about the storyline.

2. Mariachi serenades

If you have ever read books by the legendary Gabriel García Márquez, you would know that music and poetry are a big part of Spanish love. But if you haven’t been introduced to the books, watch the telenovelas on Telemundo and see how love interests develop. It’s so romantic how the Spanish men serenade women with a Mariachi band.

3. Fashion

What’s not to love about the fashion on Telemundo? It’s the only world where the men care as much as the women about how they look. Women wear beautiful big roses on flowing curly hair while men wear big hats with exaggerated shirts. A little fashion is good for some drama.

4. Money

The men on Telemundo are never broke. Even the ones who are struggling always find a way of getting gifts for their love interests. It’s the simple pleasures in life that sometimes take the crown. What we learn from this is we all need to make an effort way and beyond just showing a bank card.

5. Horse riding

This is a constant feature on Telemundo. From top CEOs to smalltime workers, everyone has to get around on a horse. Lovers also take time off into the beautiful clearings of summer on horseback. This makes you want to learn how to ride a horse just so you can experience it too. 

There is so much that we love about Telemundo. As we continue to see perfect husbands on the networks, some women are literally stealing husbands. Watch Husbands for Hire on Mondays at 20:40 on Telemundo.