The cast of Nyumba Ten

Five reasons to watch Nyumba Ten on Maisha Magic East.

We love our neighbourhoods and everything they represent…or not. But you’ll definitely love Nyumba Ten where it helps to pry into other people’s lives.

Catch this new show every Monday at 20:00 on Maisha Magic East.

Perhaps you need a little convincing.


1. Fiesty characters

You know how it is in the hood – there is always that one person who will stand for everybody else. They are always like the un-appointed ambassadors of peace, the mother hens of the neighbourhood. Or maybe they are just nosy. You will love Yvette Muleshe, a cool and confident lady who is ready to defend her own and also celebrate them when it’s time. She’s also a brilliant businesswoman, a real go-getter this one.



2. Mirrors real life

There are certain things that happen to everybody at some point in time, from finding love, losing jobs, making new friends and losing some. For instance, meet Alvin Muleshe who, after attaining his BA in Engineering, won’t take a low paying job. Unlike Yvette, he doesn’t care much about the neighbourhood. He’s all about making ends meet. Doesn’t he remind you of someone?



3. Unleashes drama 

Every estate has its most idle members who are also its best entertainers. In Nyumba Ten, meet Yvette’s househelp Kavindu who is good at stirring up drama, but not so much at containing it. Just in case you were in doubt, she is the real househelp of Nyumba Ten.



4. Full of drama queens

There is no drama without drama queens. Kathy is one such character to keep your eye on as she connects with her clients and the people she has relationships with in the most dramatic way possible. She isn’t afraid to add a little melodrama as well. As long as she doesn’t infect you with her drama, you’ll be fine. However, that is not to say you can’t learn a thing or two from her, life is about sharing, right?



5. Ordinary people leading ordinary lives

One more reason to stay glued to Nyumba Ten, you will love the simplicity of the characters on this show. Mkongo lives in his own world and doesn’t like interacting with everyone. Kama lives an ordinary life and works at a car wash. He is more than happy with his life and doesn’t look forward to more. These are characters we can all relate to in one way or another.

Find your favourite character, don’t miss Nyumba Ten on Mondays at 20:00 on Maisha Magic East.