A couple in Married at First Sight

Would you marry a complete stranger that you just met?

They say that love is blind but would you marry a complete stranger? The thought of it is just daunting and crazy. Then again, sometimes people indulge in crazy things, not necessarily in the name of love but just for the sake of spontaneity.

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But really, why would anyone get married at first sight? Walk with me:

1. Pressure

Sometimes there is a lot of pressure coming from all directions even if you insist on wearing that "I will marry when I want" face. Some want to judge you, others want to introduce their single relatives/friends to you, others want to pray for you while others want to hold intervention meetings behind your back. Before you know it, you'll be down on one knee proposing just to get people off your back.

And then there is a "infamous" biological clock that ticks and ticks until you are ready to marry anyone who would pop the question.

2. Adventure

Some people are experimental in life, and their adventure can begin with something as impulsive as saying "I do" to a total stranger. And of course it’s fun to elope. To run away from the hustle of the city to a place where you can live happily ever after, or at least try. I believe the whole definition is YOLO?

3. Money

They say that money can’t buy happiness but it can buy you a lot of things that can make you happy. And in a world where we are all just looking for a comfort cushion, money has catalysed many unions, some out of the blue. We've seen instances where money can buy you a wife or a husband, or you could just hire one. On that note, don't miss the brand new telenovela, Husband for Hire, to premiere on Telemundo (DStv Channel 118) from Monday, 20 July at 20:40 CAT.



4. Kindred spirit

If you find your perfect kind of man or woman, you really don’t want to waste time but tie the knot immediately, especially if you’re in Vegas.

5. The green card route

Marriage can be the easiest route to gaining alternative nationality even with no strings attached.

Sounds crazy, huh? But it’s not impossible. To see what we are talking about, watch Married at First Sight where people only meet on their wedding day, it airs Friday, 3 July at 21:50 on Lifetime (131). If you miss it, you can still catch it on Catch Up online or on your DStv Explora.