The Mother dragon Khaleesi with one of her dragons

If you are not already watching Game of Thrones on M-Net, here is why you should start.

Wooh! Game of Thrones S3 marathon is over and the most important lesson we’ve learnt from it is: Hell hath no fury like Lord Walder Frey scorned. That, and the sad realization that Westeros is a harsh place for House Stark. We could rant on and on about Ned Stark’s beheading in Season 1, but nothing quite beats the Starks bloodbath in Season 3’s landmark episode ‘Rains of Castamere’ that bore the infamous Red Wedding.

Catch the double bill of Game of Thrones S4 from Monday, 8 June at 23:00 on M-Net Edge (113), also available on Catch Up online and on your DStv Explora.

In preparation for the Season 4 marathon, we thought we'd remind you why Game of Thrones is so captivating:

1. The power play

The power play among the noble families sets the stage for Game of Thrones and the ultimate scramble for the Iron Throne. Stannis wants control, so does Dany, Cersei, Roose, and a whole bunch of other people just scheming their way to King’s Landing. Everyone wants power; no one is willing to relinquish it,

Consequently, this coveted power sets the stage for other plotlines like greed, war, violence, betrayal, murder, class among others.

2. The stakes are high

Game of Thrones has thrived on the mantra: "you either win or you die." An audacious rule that ensures no middle ground, no moment of reprieve, just men killing each other to get to the Iron Throne.

3. Everyone is expendable

As is said among Valyrians, "Valar Morghulis", meaning "All men must die". GoT spares the life of no man. Men may be unequal in terms of social status and the noble houses they belong to but the major characters are equally likely to die just like the minor characters. GoT will forever be known as that show that killed off a central character like Sean Bean and still managed to stand on its feet. 

4. It’s characters are tragically flawed

Game of Thrones captures humanity in its most despicable form. Its characters are barbaric and demented, they will kill their next of kin, flay their enemies, incinerate a whole village, stick a dagger into the belly of a pregnant woman, among other dreadful atrocities.

Look at how Lord Frey massacred Lady Stark, her beloved son, Robb Stark, and a pregnant Talisa in the Red Wedding. The list of tragically flawed characters in GoT is too long.

5. Drogon and his siblings

There is no other show that has exploited the macho dragon attitude like Game of Thrones. Sure, others like the Arthurian Merlin have tried but they didn’t have Drogon nor Rhaegal nor Viserion, a trio that comes complete with tantrums and teenage rebelliousness. And yes, they can be grounded too. Dany’s beloved "children" seal the deal on GoT as a must-watch show.

Don't forget to catch the double bill of Game of Thrones S4 from Monday, 8 June at 23:00 on M-Net Edge (113), also available on Catch Up online and on your DStv Explora.