Trey Songz at Coke Studio Africa

So Trey Songz, universally known by his Team Mafisi Sacco name Mr Steal Your Girl, was in Nairobi and all jaws dropped.

First, let’s take a moment and bow for this little man right here for getting the chance most of us were denied.



Meanwhile, the common folks, aka the "rest of us", were in a dilemma.

Trey Songz is coming to Kenya

The rest of us: We don't care

Also the rest of us:


But we are Kenyans, we know how to survive so we make use of what we have. Tracey Wanjiru, you speak on behalf of all of us.



Don't you be judging us for going after Trey like that, even the crème de la crème of society were doing it. (Puts on glasses: Is that Vanessa Mdee? Asking for a friend)

Sigh, celebrities are just people.


Look at Neyma just minding her darn business. Vee Money, water should suffice, no?


Slow clap for Yemi Alade. She found Johnny, abi.



Even fed him jollof. The only way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, eeh?

I mean, it doesn’t get any more personal than jollof rice, at least for our West African neighbours.

Look at Nigeria and Ghana fight over Trey's jollof. Can't a man have his jollof without sparking a twitter beef? SMH...



We know errbody was thirsty but between Yemi's jollof and Vanessa Mdee's "Why you so damn pretty" stare, who has earned the title of 'Trey's bae' while in the 254. Take a vote below: