Siba on Siba's Table: Fast Feasts

There is something sumptuous on DStv, all the time, grab a plate everyone!

Life needs to be delicious, savour every moment of it. But what is delicious? Is it something you can taste and roll over your tongue or something you can watch and rewind all over again? At DStv, we think the best things in life are delicious.

FOOD is delicious. We are about to turn you all into foodies with our delectable dishes from around the world. Grab a platter everyone, it is time to refresh your palate with our rich, unique menus and cuisines.


1. Relish all at Siba's table

It's always an inviting sight at Siba's Tabel: Fast Feast and she never fails with her fusion of contemporary and traditional South African dishes. Join Siba at her colourful table on Thursdays at 21:00 CAT on Food Network.


2. It's a man's kitchen with Chef Henry

Try not to lick your fingers just yet because there is a man in the kitchen and his name is Chef Henry. Relish his amazing Kitchen Delights every Saturday at 12:30 CAT on Maisha Magic.


3. Goofy with food

More boys are in the kitchen in Doof as Arthur Mwai and Ngacha Githinji show you how to source the best ingredients and to prepare delectable East African dishes in a goofy, bromance way. Catch it all on Maisha Magic, Wednesdays at 13:30.


4. Cooking for celebrities

Not enough tips yet? Learn brilliant cooking tips from Barefoot Contessa: Back to Basics where celebrity Chef Ina Garten takes you through the preparation of different dishes with her diverse recipes. The good thing is that with Ina it doesn't end there. As a bonus, she also gives tips on decorating and entertaining. Watch it on Food Network, Saturdays at 17:00 CAT.


5. Come dine with us

Are you a good host? Can you wow total strangers with your culinary skills? If yes, just say: Come Dine with Me. This show pits four or five amateur chef-wannabes against one another for a cash prize. If you want to see what culinary tricks people have tucked under their sleeves, don't miss Come Dine with Me on Thursdays at 19:59 CAT on BBC Lifestyle.


6. Try not to get Chopped

Four chefs, one final prize: and someone's about to get Chopped in the process and miss out on $10,000! Join the chefs and sample their delectable dishes - on screen  - while enjoying the thrill and tension that comes with every competition. Oh, it is on, Saturdays at 20:00 CAT on Food Network.

It's all yummy, right? We know you must have a favourite among our Top 6, so why don't you share it on Facebook and tell us all about it!