George Clarke

Enjoy The Little Mermaid, Jesus Mysteries and so much more entertainment on DStv this Easter weekend.

This long Easter weekend, aren’t we all just dying to know what DStv has in store for us? Well, the mystery has been solved, so just curl up in your favourite spot and grab your remote control.

Are you ready for the cat and mouse chase between the ever paranoid, restless Ryan Hard and a serial killer who's earned the reputation of being a ghost? The Following S3 is here, don't miss the thrill and the tension on Friday 3 April at 20:00 on M-Net.

Good things come in threes. Move over and let the kids enjoy Easter too. Or you can all gather around for unforgettable Disney moment with the popular franchise The Little Mermaid on Good Friday 3 April at 10:35 on the Disney Channel.

You can then enjoy the sequel The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea on Sunday 5 April at 10:35 on Disney Channel. Wrap up your Disney experience with The Little Mermaid 3: Ariel’s Beginning where we go back to Ariel's roots on Monday 6 April at 10:35 on Disney Channel.

What’s an Easter holiday without some Jesus? Who framed Jesus? Get to know the main perpetrators in the scheme of Jesus betrayal on Discovery Channel on Friday 3 April at 21:55.

You can follow that up with Jesus Mysteries, on the National Geographic, Sunday 5 April at 14:35.

The documentary Killing Jesus rounds it up on Sunday 5 April at 19:10 on National Geographic.

For the homely at heart, use the long weekend to do some much needed sprucing in your home! George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces can take you on a step by step eccentric home fixing. Join him on BBC Lifestyle, Sunday 5 April at 23:05.

And if all you want is some action, and you double it up by being a fan of Star Wars, you'll definitely be entertained by the Star Wars Rebels as they fight the Empire on Saturday 4 April at 18:10 on XD.

There is SO much to watch. Check out our TV guide for much much more, and have a fantastic long weekend, won't you?