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Gertrude Mungai of Wasia Na Geertrude

A strip and a tease never hurt nobody. Well at least according to Gertrude Mungai, the resident sex auntie/expert.

These are not the only "radical" notions the sensual and sultry Gertrude has to share with us every Wednesday at 22:00 on Maisha Magic East (158).

Some say that her tabia mbaya (bad manners) advice is ruining the moral fabric of society. However, sex is a key part of being an adult in the family way and all she endeavours to do is make the act that may be considered marital duty a little spicier and a heck a lot of fun.

Check out her tease of a teaser on this week’s episode of Wasia Na Gertrude. It will definatley make you #LocoAboutLocal



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