Rapper Wangechi posing for the camera

Apart from her music, most people don't know much about rapper Wangechi. She gave us a sneak peak into what she is up to.

One of Kenya’s most talented femcees is back. Last year, her fans were shaken when Wangechi was involved in a tragic road accident. After taking a break to recover, she’s picked herself up.

DStv caught up with Wangechi and she had a lot to spill about her music:

New Songs
Wangechi has got a mixtape Consume: Chakula ya Soul. In January, Wangechi released the single Analogue Dreams featuring Karun. She says: “My music has experienced a shift with regards to my general outlook of life and it should eventually reflect in my music.”

Project 2015
This year she’s launched Wangechi Sessions (in-studio intimate video performance sessions with her band on YouTube) playing her fans' favourite songs. “My fans can also propose songs they feel I should perform. We are planning to have a total of six sessions uploaded for the coming weeks.”
DStv: What do you watch on TV?
Wangechi: "I’m currently watching a lot of series but I am especially interested in the new music industry inspired series Empire. I feel a strong connection towards it since I can relate to the music story line."

To get a look at Wangechi's favourite show Empire, tune in to Fox on Wednesdays at 21:00 CAT.

What do you think of the emerging hip-hop scene?
"The emerging hip-hop scene still has a long way to go and needs more work to be done. We need a little bit more diversification in terms of the music we put out; it's part of my plans to diversify the hip-hop industry through my own contribution."
It has been rumoured that you will join the Coke Studio Africa new season, is that so?
"Coke Studio Africa has become one of the best platforms to promote African talent across the continent. I believe that it will help grow the Kenyan music industry as artists interact with other African acts on one platform, even exposing fans to diverse sounds. Let’s see what this year has to bring!"

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