Sushi at Umami

Luxury, indulgence, decadence, comfort modern; these are the words that come to mind the moment you walk through the glass doors of The Concord Hotel Kenya.

The brand new luxury hotel situated in the heart of Parklands promises on a five star experience and it delivers exactly that. The spacious rooms amazing ball rooms and of course the food.

There are two things that usually give you a marker of the experience you are about to have. The bathroom and the food. I am happy to report that none of those things were a disappointment. The Asian influence is present in their restaurants Curry Flavors and Umami.

Umami offers Pan- Asian experience that is send you into a culinary over drive. Umami's name comes from a Japanese synonym literally meaning ‘deliciousness’. From the Avocado summer salad with peanut sauce dressing to the Sushi boat platter and the pièce de résistance of the fried rice and chicken everything was to perfection.

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Now there is no way I could talk up all this goodness and have no proof. Seeing is believe after all so check out The Concord below.