There is no better time to have a video battle than right about now. The East African industry is bursting with new talent and hot videos on rotation. Today we feature Gudi Gudi vs Salome vs Njogereza in a real East African battle. We want you to vote for the hottest jam at the moment. We hope you have been keeping it Trace Mziki for all the hottest songs in East Africa with shows like Mziki Hit 10, Mziki Fresh and Playlist, among others.

Gudi Gudi - Everlast, Naiboi feat Kristoff

Truth is, the beat in Gudi Gudi gets you hooked before anything else. Here, Everlast and Naiboi hooked up with another serious Luhya from Busia, Kristoff Barton, who murders the beat bars and all. The lyrics are catchy and funny as they try to woo the ladies with kuku fanta. Anything Ulopa Ngoma touches turns to gold and Gudi Gudi is no different as he features as one of the producers of this hit. Will Gudi Gudi stand the heat from the other two jams on this list?


Salome - Diamond Platnumz feat Ray Vanny

When Diamond thought about redoing Salome in 2016, he was bound to have his idea labelled "crazy" at first. Salome was already a great song as done by Said more than a decade ago but Diamond hooked up with Ray Vanny and gave it some extra African sauce! The naughty lyrics and majestic and sexy dances on the music video seems to have taken the ladies to heaven and back. Tanzanian comrades please come explain this part: Tukimbizane nini salome wangu? Iyo michezo ya jogoo.Mbona watizama chini salome wangu. Ukimuona jongoo. Inama kidogo shika magoti. Nimesimama kama ngongoti.The reason this video features on this battle is simply because No Salome, No party! Wonder if it can stay in this battle? You decide.


Njogereza - Navio

This battle would not be complete without going to Uganda and Navio takes us there with his latest Njogereza, which is the full Ugandan traditional chanting and instrumentation. It has a cute story of how courtship is the whole nine yard in African society. Whether or not he gets the bride at the end, this song puts Navio on a pedestal as he already has that street cred covered! We wonder if that advantage will work for him in this here battle.

Vote below for the hottest song and let this battle go down in the record books.