Tanzanian artist Vanessa Mdee.

Ahead of the face-off between Kendrick Lamar and J.Cole, we look at the best videos from Vee Money, King Kaka Rabbit and Keko.

This week, the spotlight is on Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. We are looking at some new music videos coming out of East Africa and we’ve noticed that there’s more behind music. It’s a battle between TZ’s finest Queen Vee Money, King Kaka Rabbit and the cool Keko. Check out our selection of the best videos from this trio:

Vee Money

We loved Vee Money in Hawajui but Nobody But Me featuring South African rapper K.O is definitely Vanessa’s hottest music video. The styling is on point and it features MTV VJ Moozlie and the coolest kid from Tanzania, Nahreel - also producer of the track.


If you are looking for the most prolific hip hop artist from East Africa, Rabbit from Kenya is your best bet. He has at least one music video out every month and collaborated with artists from Tanzania, America and South Africa. It’s hard to pick the best but we’ll go with Ligi Soo.


She made all her East African fans dance when she collaborated with Madtraxx. From videos like Fly Solo and See Ya, we love Keko’s bravado when it comes to delivering her rap lines.

If you love hip hop, you already know that J. Cole’s latest album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive, is his first to go platinum. He is touted to accomplish this illmatic-esque feat solo as the album doesn’t feature any other artist.

On the other hand, Kendrick’s To Pimp a Butterfly is seen as the first hip hop album in recent times to cross over into pop music.

Are you from the planet Cole World or Team Kendrick? Can these two hold their end as they Face Off on MTV Base, Wednesday, 17 June at 20:00?

Decide for yourself who’s the illest rapper in the business! From new Cole videos like G.O.M.D, Wet Dreamz, Apparently and Lamar’s old classics like The Recipe and new favourites like Swimming Pools and King Kunta; don’t miss this Face Off!