The poster for the EA film The Life

You have front row seats to homegrown entertainment.

It’s a movie mania East African fiesta this coming May and we are giving you front row tickets to the best Ugandan films on Maisha Magic channel (161).

We want to kick May off right and with all the amazing home grown content from the pearl of Africa.

What would you do if someone told you that you do not belong just because of your appearance? That is exactly what happens to Raman in The Ugandan, which airs 3 May at 15:00 on Maisha Magic. Ramen is an Indian who survived the Idi Amin regime. When it comes time to rebuild his life in the land he calls home, he is met with adversity and xenophobia. Will he overcome the lies and the hatred and to save what he has always known as home? We can only hope.



We all either wanted to be one, or to be with a bad boy in high school. Kato is the number one bad boy and is always up to something cheeky. But one night after sneaking out of school for a night out on the town, things get violent. This leads to Kato getting caught and punished. He is out of the clique and he desperately wants to get back his popularity status. Relive the trials and tribulations of high school life with Reform, which airs Sunday 10 May at 15:00.



This is a story of a fisherman who seizes the opportunity and ventures into the tourism sector with this fishing boat. But things turn sticky when one of the tourists falls for the fisherman’s third wife. The clash between cultures and love makes for a riveting tale. Catch the Last Fishing Boat on 17 May at 15:00.

In life, you have to make the right moves for the best outcome. You have to play the game or get kicked out. Kwame is excellent at doing exactly that but when he makes the wrong move, it’s up to him to figure out how he will change the game back in his favour. Checkmate airs Sunday 24 May at 15:00. Let the games begin.



Nana Hill Kagga’s The Life has earned critical acclaim with its tale of the urban Ugandan landscape of the young, the beautiful and ambitious. Enthrall yourself in the lives of this circle of friends who crave the lifestyle of the rich and famous - and the only way they see how they can get it is through music. But how far are they willing to go to fulfill their dreams. The Life airs Sunday 31 at 15:00 exclusive to Maisha Magic Channel 161.

With so much homegrown entertainment, May promises to be a fabulous film fiesta so grab the popcorn.