Tyrant S3 poster

When it comes to Tyrant and power, no one in Abbudin is incorruptible. With Jamal ousted, the presidency is up for grabs and no one quite exudes the power like Jamal’s wife. Leila. But even she, with all her powerful clutches, will have to pass through her brother-in-law, Bassam ‘Barry’, who now sits as the interim President of Abbudin.

Barry as the president sounds like the Abbudin we are all rooting for. Well don’t hold your breath just yet. Barry being the man he is - too righteous for his own good - puts his beloved country up for a democratic elections. Quite the reluctant leader this one. And even with his best intentions at heart, a democracy for Abbudin only means one thing, more blood will be shed to put someone in power.

As if the politics are not stressful enough, Tyrant dangles the beautiful damsel Daliyah in front of Barry, intentionally tempting his already strained marriage to Molly. Then there’s the issue of his daughter, Emma, being kidnapped. Someone please buy some Redbull for this man.

Don’t miss Tyrant S3 as it eases into its third episode on Thursday 21 July at 22:00 on FOX (125), Express from the US. If you miss it, you can always catch Tyrant on DStv Now or on DStv Catch Up on the DStv Explora whenever you can make the time.

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