Sumu la Penzi's actress and singer Avril

Singer cum actress Avril talks Sumu la Penzi and her music.

What’s not to love about Avril? The blonde-haired beauty is the queen of collabos. Any track she touches turns into a hit record. She’s also an accomplished actress, kicking it off in the first season of MTV Shuga and she’s now in Sumu la Penzi. She gives us the scoop on what she’s been up to.

To watch Avril in action on Sumu la Penzi, tune in to Maisha Magic (Channel 161) Tuesdays at 22:00 CAT.

How did you get into Sumu la Penzi?

I was called by the assistant director to audition for producers of the show and started immediately - as soon as I owned the character of Eva.

Do you relate with a 30-year old stuck in a relationship with a married man?

I relate with some aspects such as building relationships and friendships and having to trust that everything is going to be okay regardless of how things look like presently.
Tell us more about your 2015 projects?

My 2015 started off with being appointed as one of the East African ambassadors for Oriflame Sweden and AMREF's Save an African Mother Campaign.

How did your collabo Hello Baby with Ommy Dimpoz come about?

My collaboration with Ommy Dimpoz came about when I was in Dar es Salaam a couple of years ago. I was introduced to Ommy and we immediately went to the studio to start our journey. I am working on new tracks. I am getting more content churned out... including work for my acting as well. Just want to keep the Avril brand stronger.

What do you watch on TV and what do you think of the increasing collabos between East Africans with artists from Nigeria?

I watch everything on TV. Being an African all round artist makes me appreciate the arts a bit more. The increased number of Pan African collaborations are incredible. The continent is becoming smaller and smaller and our relationships stronger everyday because of music.

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