Bryshere Gray as Hakeem Lyon in Empire S2

Tune in to Empire, Shuga, Grey's Anatomy, The Blacklist, The Daily Show to catch up with DStv's hottest #MCMs.

DStv is the home of captivating shows like the new crime drama Blindspot and the award-winning Homeland. It is also the home of captivating men we wouldn’t mind chasing down the streets for an autograph. Some people would call this stalking but we prefer to just call it ManCrushMondays.

So, which faces are on our Top 5 MCMs? In no particular order:

1. Nick Mutuma as Leo

There was a time Nick Mutuma had locks, thank God those days are long gone and hopefully never coming back. Now he is clean-cut and always wearing that signature half-smile of his, the one that builds up some of his charm as Leo in MTV’s Shuga. Make a date with Nick on Shuga on Wednesday at 18:30 on EbonyLife.

2. The Lyon Trifecta

Drip drop, drip drippity drop. I fought with my alter ego on whether to feature only the spoilt Hakeem or all the Lyon brothers. My alter ego won. So there you have it. Cookie’s babies are such eye candies, and here we were all judging Naomi Campbell for setting her eyes on one of them. Catch the Lyon brothers on Empire, Thursdays at 22:00 on FOX.

3. Edi Gathegi as Mr Solomon

If you are a Blacklist fan, you’ve probably heard horrible things about Edi Gathegi’s role as Mr Solomon. One, that he kidnaps babies and two, that he is currently holding Reddington's right hand man – Dembe – in one of his torture chambers and pummeling him with golf balls. But if you see him in action, you’d understand why he couldn’t miss from this list. He just couldn’t. Look out for Edi in The Blacklist S3, Saturdays at 02:00 on M-Net, Express to the DStv Explora, also available on DStv Catch Up on DStv Explora.

4. Trevor Noah as himself

There are three things Trevor does best – cracking our ribs, looking dapper and smiling widely. And then there is this thing he does with his eyebrows, I can’t really explain it without leaving this picture here. Apparently, he calls it his sexy face.


You can see a lot more of Trevor on The Daily Show, from Tuesday to Friday at 22:00 on Comedy Central or go to DStv Catch Up on your DStv Explora.

5. Jesse Williams as Dr Jackson Avery

Grey’s Anatomy’s Dr Jackson Avery is no Derek Shepherd. That’s the kind of thing you say around Derek’s die-hard fans but we all know who we’d pick if this chance ever presented itself because who needs McDreamy when you’ve got Avery. Can’t get enough of this doctor? make an appointment with him on Grey’s Anatomy every Saturday at 02:00 on M-Net, Express from the US. For prime-time viewing, tune in on Monday at 20:30 on M-Net.



Dear Dr. Jackson Avery, please keep your shirt off, forever. #GreysAnatomy #mcm

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