Collateral on Maisha Magic East

Stay tuned to Maisha Magic East this weekend to catch authentic local movies.

It’s another great weekend to celebrate our life experiences. In fact, that’s the theme for movies on Maisha Magic East this weekend. We dissect a few that run closer to home. Find out which ones you can’t afford to miss and perhaps select your favourite themes.

1. Second chances

Sometimes in life, things happen that we don’t have control over. For instance, we could find ourselves caught up in situations that may lead to crime. The good thing with life is we always have a second chance to do things right. This is the kind of fix a medical doctor in Collateral finds himself in when he is framed for murder and sent to prison. Is there a second chance for him to redeem his name? Find out on Friday, 21 August at 19:00 CAT. Collateral features Sam Pesnjen, Pascal Tokodi and Caroline Midimo.


2. Family first

When we find perfect friends, we consider them family. But sometimes we fall out with them or even our siblings because of fights or rivalry. How we handle them is what proves that blood is thicker than water like in Home where rivaling sisters have to confront the tensions among them. Watch this movie on Friday, 21 August at 20:00.

There are those who will do the impossible to protect their own just like an ex-senator who will do anything to get his kidnapped daughter back in Love Ransom. Produced by Linda Karuru Asseko, Love Ransom airs on Saturday, 22 August at 19:00 CAT.


3. Home away from Home

They say that home is where the heart belongs. You could be in another continent and totally feel like you are home, just as long you are able to make a living and be with the ones you love. This is the premise of the film The Route. A teenage girl runs away from home after her father passes away. She thinks she will end up staying in Uganda but finds herself as far as Asia. Don’t miss The Route on Saturday, 22 August at 20:00 CAT.


4. Motivation

On Sunday, get lifted by two films we can all relate to. In any career, we encounter challenges so when we have a breakthrough, it’s always something to remember and treasure, even protect just the two journalists who uncover a massive expose in Run Honeymooners, also produced by Linda Karuru Asseko. Catch it at 19:00 CAT.


How about some love motivation right after? Don’t miss Life Suspended at 20:00 CAT where a man can’t seem to forget a woman he met before. Will he find her again? Stand tuned on Maisha Magic East this weekend to find out. To get the coversation going, visit them on their Facebook page, Twitter and on Instagram.