Creator of Nira Reuben Odanga.

2016 has brought new amazing shows to Maisha Magic East. What we are most excited about this month is Nira, a new Swahili telenovela that will air on channel 158 weekdays at 20:30.

We sat down with the creator of Nira, Reuben Odanga, who also acts as the show’s director and co-writer alongside Wanjau Wachira, Judith Mwangi, Ndela Mwakisha and Nilly Wilson Raye. He reveals that Nira is a Swahili drama that is set to take over audiences across East Africa. Uniting actors from Kenya and Tanzania, Reuben says of the Mombasa-filmed TV series: “Nira is relentless, full of drama, love, betrayal and power.”

Following a tale of family misfortune, Reuben asserts that part of the show’s strength will be its characters who include seasoned young movers and shakers and veteran actors. We already know that Daudi Michael will play Adam, Quenny Mwangi will be Maria and Ruth Maingi, Zindzi.

Reuben shares more: