Alicia Florrick on The Good Wife

Borrow a few life lessons from The Good Wife Alicia Florrick.

Remember the first time Alicia Florrick graced our screens? A timid housewife flung in the middle of a sex scandal, overwhelmed by the glaring cameras as she shouldered her husband’s shame. Not really there, but still there, trying to shrink but somehow betrayed by her striking presence.

But look how high she holds her head these days. Look how popular she’s become in the corridors of power. Now she’s running for State Attorney, and even amassing tiny scandals of her own. Atta girl!

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Oh, how far we’ve come. Alicia’s moral ambiguity (and drinking problem) aside, let’s focus more on what has defined her rise to the top. What does it take to be Alicia Florrick?


Alicia literally began her journey on hell but she found her way back and polished her "helpless housewife cheated on by philandering husband" image until it shone. Alicia survived because she learned to ignore the whispers and the judgemental stares - let’s not forget the annoying pity-parties. Like in The Good Wife, people will talk; you just have to learn to shut out all the noise. While at it, hold your head high always.


One day she’s the wife of a State Attorney - a woman who doesn’t have to work because she’s well taken care of (or so it seemed) - and the next day she’s crammed into a tiny apartment with her two kids, a disgraced husband in prison and bearing the brunt of his sex scandal. But Alicia, being the woman she is – in desperate need for emancipation and independence, went back to work in the one place where her husband was condemned – the courtroom. Someone has to pay the bills, son.


The only reason Alicia went back to work after her husband’s fall from grace was to provide for her two teenage kids. And as is known, she initially left the workforce to take care of her children the moment she became a mother.


There is something calming about Alicia, the way the anger inside her is carefully contained such that the image everyone finally sees is a woman who’s simply trying to be a good lawyer. Yes, she’s had her moments of outbursts (rightfully so) but she handled it all well.


Let no one mislead you, tall women can wear heels too or else, at 5’6, Alicia wouldn’t be turning so many heads whenever she rocks those heels. Heels make you look more intimidating than you actually are. It momentarily sucks the air out of people to see a woman towering tall above their heads.

Again if you are Alicia Florrick, trying to get ahead in a male-dominated profession, it helps if you look at them from the same angle, or even better, from a higher point. It just screams "bring it on!".


Let’s just get this out of the way. NO ONE does power suits better than Alicia Florrick.  Even the First Lady Michelle Obama borrows a thing or two from Alicia.


In short, there isn’t a fashion statement she wouldn’t get across.


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