Reddington (James Spader) and Lizzie (Megan Boone) in The Blacklist S3.

Don't miss the premiere of The Blacklist S3 on Saturday 3 October, Express to DStv Explora.

For a moment there we were worried that The Blacklist was all about Reddington, that Elizabeth Keen, the smart FBI profiler, as she was initially introduced, was nothing but a rip-off. She was getting pitiable and boring, often dwarfed by Red’s magnitude.

We wanted to see this sweet-faced newbie corrupted by Red, just a little to make her seem more interesting. Wishes do come true. Now she’s gone rogue. And BLONDE. Uh-oh, we are all just happy that she didn’t go bald.

As The Blacklist returns for the third season on Saturday 3 October at 02:00 on M-Net (DStv Channel 102), Express to DStv Explora, Red and Lizzie are now on the run after Lizzie killed the corrupt Attorney General in last season’s finale.


I never pegged Red for a runner but desperate times call for desperate measures, and now with Lizzie in the mix, he is just not taking any chances.

Joining the elite criminal ranks of Red, Lizzie is now on FBI’s Most Wanted List charged with murder, sabotage, conspiracy and destruction of government property.

But what does life as fugitives mean for these two?

Red would die first before he lets anything happen to Lizzie (can they just make him her father already? Or an uncle? We really don't mind), he will utilise all his resources, reach out to his old contacts, sometimes Blacklisters, to clear her name.

We’ll get to see a whole new angle to this already complicated relationship. Now that they have moved in together, so to speak, Lizzie will experience Red’s criminal world on a more personal level. She's been critical of his criminal life in the past, let's see if she can learn to shut up and just accept the help.

But Red won't be the only one doing all the criminal thinking. Lizzie will have to channel her dark criminal instinct hinted in the previous season, to survive. We’ll see more of Masha Rostova (the now blonde Lizzie embracing her Russian roots), less of Elizabeth Keen. This is not a path she’ll take so willingly – expect some emotional struggles there.

As for Lizzie and Red’s connection, this is a mystery that The Blacklist enjoys, almost sadistically, to keep away from us. We don’t expect them to treat us any different this season.

And am I the only one who thinks this duo needs Tom Keen? After all, he’s proved to be a master of disguise, good at staying hidden, a trait Red and Lizzie desperately need right now.

With only one day to go to the premiere, let’s crack open a bottle of pinot noir and celebrate this good girl (okay, maybe not entirely good) gone bad. But not so fast mate, Mr. Solomon is coming. So is the Cabal, and the entire FBI task force. Run Lizzie, and don’t stop.