Richard Quest with the rest of the team at CNN.

Can't decide where to get your news? We bring you the best news and talk shows on DStv.

To have authority isn’t just about wielding power, it’s about speaking your mind and convincing others to believe in what you are saying. News and talk shows on DStv are authoritative because they focus on passing the right information - supported by witness accounts, interviews, analyses and expert views to the people who need it while engaging with this same audience in a common interest. Here are some of the shows that have authority on DStv:

There is a certain perception that business news is boring. It could be the way the genre started out in the early years when anchors would just present figures and statistics on the stock exchange. But anchors like Richard Quest have made business news nothing but energetic - even as he gives his expert analysis and commentary on the biggest business stories. Watching Quest in action is like watching a cross between pop culture and money matters. Join him in Quest means Business, on Mondays at 23:00 CAT on CNN (401).



Roundtable discussions and one-on-one interviews with the world’s best thinkers, writers, politicians, athletes, entertainers, business leaders is something everybody looks up to. Now throw in a renowned interviewer and broadcast journalist like Charlie Rose and you’ve got yourself a new favourite talk show. Be sure to catch Charlie Rose, weekdays at 00:00 on Bloomberg Television (411).

Dispelling the connotation of Africa as the ‘dark continent’, It’s Africa’s Time tells inspiring stories such as economic growth, innovation, poverty reduction and other sustainability stories in Africa. This programme is empowering as it seeks to change Africa’s image across the global platform. It’s Africa’s Time airs every Tuesday at 22:30 on CNBC Africa (410).

Heads of states, popular personalities, ministers, government aides and other powerful world leaders have all been grilled by one Stephen Sackur. Sackur’s authority as an interviewer can best be described in three words: he plays hardball. He has no qualms about throwing the toughest questions at powerful world leaders. To see Sackur and his team in action, tune in to HARDtalk, Thursdays at 23:30 on BBC World News (400).



Various topics make headlines on a daily basis. But this news is never enough until you go behind the scenes and probe all those impacted by the subject. This is the basis of Inside Story that takes an in-depth look into news making headlines, questioning decisions made by people influencing this news from around the world. Don’t miss the Inside Story on Saturdays at 14:30 on Al Jazeera (406).

Africa is not a country; it’s a continent rich in diversity. Without a doubt, this is the message that Inside Africa sends to the world as it explores the diversity of different African countries through culture, art, religion, music, technology, literature. Inside Africa airs on Saturdays at 20:30 on CNN.


Here are more shows to look out for:

  • Street Smart, Mon – Fri 22:00 on Bloomberg Television
  • Marketplace Africa, Tuesday 21:00 on CNN
  • Africa Business News, Wednesday 22:45 on CNBC Africa
  • The Stream, Thursday at 22:30 on Al Jazeera
  • Focus on Africa, Friday 20:30 on BBC World News
  • Tech Busters, Friday 20:30 on CNBC Africa

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