Taye Diggs and Kathleen Robertson in Murder in the First

Tune in every Tuesday night on DStv and catch these shows.

You can't find anything interesting to do on a Tuesday night? We give you something to look forward to on DStv. Make sure you tune in to these shows:

1. The return of Shuga

Before there was 12 Years a Slave, Shuga introduced many Kenyans to Lupita Nyong’o as the overtly sexual Ayira, trying to get ahead in her career. Now in its fourth season, this upbeat and bold drama is back on the screen to tackle the main theme of HIV/AIDS among young people, and in the process enlighten society and lessen the stigmatization of the disease. Now featuring an all Nigerian cast, look out for Kenyan Nick Mutuma in his best element as usual. Watch the return of Shuga from 21:30 on MTV Base.

2. Dating dos and don'ts with Tujuane Plus

Blind dating is a lot harder than it looks, at least that is what we have learnt from Tujuane Plus. And as expected in the new season, this dating show isn’t holding back as it continues its quest to foster love between two strangers. Catch the three-episode old Tujuane Plus at 19:30 on Maisha Magic East.



3. Some laughter with Kansiime

Laughter will do you good on a Tuesday night and Kansiime promises lots of it. It is not proper to laugh at someone’s misery unless of course it is caused by Kansiime who knows just which buttons to push to crack you up. Tune in to Don't mess with Kansiime at 21:30 on Maisha Magic East.



4. Get schooled on hacking with Mr. Robot

Even without the success of Mr. Robot, Rami Malek is intriguing on his own. It could be the way his eyes just gaze out into the world, you are never sure if he’s looking for something in particular or just lost. Malek’s role as anti-social hacker Elliot Anderson – a cybersecurity employer by day and a cybercrime vigilante by night – is so genuine, you actually believe it. His performance has turned what would have been another hacker series into something worth your time, every Tuesday night at 20:30 on M-Net, also available on DStv Catch Up online or on your DStv Explora.



5. Solve crime with Murder in the First

Now that he’s done making house calls in Shonda’s Private Practice, Taye Diggs finds time to hunt down some bad guys as homicide detective Terry English, teaming up with Hildy Mulligan (Kathleen Robertson). Despite grieving for his dead wife, English holds his end as a brilliant detective, again confirming the stereotype that the damaged ones make the best investigative detectives. Don’t miss Murder in the First at 21:30 on M-Net, also available on DStv Catch Up.

6. Join the Scorpion elite

It’s really not that difficult for two brilliant hackers to exist in the same space, just like Elliot (Mr. Robot) shares the same universe with Walter O’brienScorpion’s frontman. But while Mr. Robot’s team is more concerned with taking down a major corporation E-Corp, Scorpion’s team is fighting high-tech threats at the behest of Homeland Security. Between O’Brien and Elliot, who's the better hacker? Tune in at 23:00 on Vuzu AMP and decide for yourself. Scorpion is also available on DStv Catch Up online and on the DStv Explora.