Tailor on Maisha Magic East

Joseph, a designer and father to one; Terry, and husband to grace is sick with lung cancer which is on its last and incurable stage. He only has 6 months to live without chemotherapy which he cannot afford. He fears to tell his family about the situation hoping to get well by taking his mother’s herbs. This tears his family apart, his wife Grace believes he has HIV and flees to Malaysia. 

Terry is left with her aunt Jackie. Since Jospeh can't participate in the fashion competition due to his situation, he teaches Jackie how to make dresses. She showcases the designs and is crowned the winner only to discover that Joseph had collapsed and died while in the hospital.


Don't let us spoil everything for you. Catch the premiere of Tailor, an original Ugandan movie as it airs on TV for the first time on Sunday 10 July at 21:00 on Maisha Magic East (158).