Maisha Superstar rookies

We sample some of the trendiest fashions from Maisha Superstar rookies and mentors

We know how much you love fashion and we couldn’t resist the urge to flaunt these fashion statements from Maisha Superstar’s mentors, contestants and definitely the host Amina Abdi.

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The African theme
African prints or plain embroidered African wear are styles that single us out from the rest of the world, showcasing our uniqueness. Take a look at how Maisha Superstar is rooted in culture with mentor King Kaka’s embroidered shirt.

Or Tanzania's Damian Soul.

The flowing evening gown
A flowing gown speaks for itself and makes you stand out as the lady of the night a la Lupita Nyongo’s famous Oscar gown. Well, host Amina Abdi can pull off this look too, except instead of sky blue hers is a black with a gold embellished bodice.

Then there is Tanzania's Myra, the lady in red. The lace in her dress gives you snippets of what’s underneath but without revealing too much.

The dark stunners at night
Wearing dark glasses at night (although a tad confusing) has been tested and proven among artists. It could be the sense of invisibility (or invincibility) it gives that makes this look so popular. Look at DJ Kagwe Mungai, doesn’t he look like a million bucks? It works even better when he complements it with the bold yellow scarf.

The patterned sweater
A man wearing a patterned sweater is making a bold fashion statement. Damian’s patterned sweater and his polka dotted bow tie make for an interesting combo.

The avant garde hairstyle
If you want to make a bold statement with your hair, one that will get people talking (or mostly whispering), go avant garde. Phy (Kenya), we want your hairstylist's number!

Shades of blue
A fashion expert once said that blue is the all-purpose colour because it reminds people of the ocean or sky. In fact, if you don’t want to send any wrong messages or cannot decide on the colour for your wardrobe, just wear blue like Uganda's Spirit Soul.

The urban hip
"Yo, let’s earn some street cred here!" What’s in your closet? A cool cap, check. Printed T-shirt, check. Cool glasses, check. Air Jordan, check. Look at what Damain Soul can pull out of his Hip-Hop closet.

But Uganda's Rich Kaweesa is hip too with his black leather jacket.

Let’s bling
A shiny dangling chain is to an artist what canvas is to a painter, a necessity they can’t live without! So yeah, Chameleon is definitely blinging.

The formal waist coat
The formal waist coat is a must-have fashion staple, especially if you want to look uber stylish. Complement it with a really nice tie like Maurice Kirya and the fashion pages might just fall in love with you.

I'm a gentleman
Last but not least, if being a gentleman is hard, try dressing like one and see how much attention you command. But, wait a minute, it’s not as easy as you think. You want to present a certain image without coming out too strong. We think Kenya's Fil-ah nailed it!

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