The Man, the legend, the voice... these are just some of the things one might imagine of yet another great man, but for Jeff Koinange, the bench is what is front of mind.

For the season finale of the runaway hit series Stori Yangu, Jeff Koinange is last but definitely not least. The series that comes to a definite end on Thursday, 30 at 20:00 on Maisha Magic East (158). We have enjoyed the shows intimate and true potrayal  of some of the major Kenyan stars we only get to admire from afar, but thanks to the show have gotten to know them better.

 I know what the haters are saying, “I don’t care about these people” but that’s what Stori Yangu set out to do. You might not resonate with the people in the lime light, but you can definitely appreciate their life journey and pick something you can relate to in your own journey as well. And who knows, you just might have learnt a thing or two.

Make sure you dont miss Jeff Koinange's story and catch the Season Finale of Stori Yangu on Thursday, 30 at 20:00 on Maisha Magic East (158).