Jon Snow in Game of Thrones

Don't miss these thrilling shows on the DStv Compact bouquet to help you beat the cold

Winter is here, time to stock up and hibernate as we wait for the warm African sun to resurface. DStv has some suggestions on how to beat the cold with the DStv Compact and Compact Plus bouquets:

1. Wrap yourself up

This is the only time you are ever allowed to wear a onesie without feeling any shame. You can even walk to the local store with your head held up high, so why not? After you are all wrapped up, find your spot on the couch. Hopefully, you will feel all warm even when watching Cold Case on Tuesdays at 22:35 on Studio Universal.

2. Get some good company

Good company will keep you warm and cheerful, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be another person. It could be your dog or cat or even yourself! You know you’ve got good company when you can spend a whole ten minutes with someone without talking and comfortably enjoy that moment of silence. If there's no one close by, we recommend the intriguing Brazilian telenovela Side by Side, every Monday at 19:00 on M-Net City. This is some good company that will help you while away the hours as you wait for the sun to show up.



3. Pick up a new language

Since you are in hibernation, it would really be cool to learn something new, something to surprise your friends with when you finally go back to civilization. And what better way to do that than learn new languages like the Dothraki and the Valyrian, which will make your friends jealous. No one is sending you to any book or library. Just watch Game of Thrones, the only place where these two unique languages are spoken, weekdays at 00:00 on M-Net City.



4. Start a new beginning

If you ever wanted a time to reflect on your life, this is it. Are you in a good place right now, or do you need to make some changes? If you are not prepared, the answers to these questions seem pretty daunting. But what if you woke in a coma after five years and everybody in your life had moved on? How do you start a new beginning? All answers can be found on the new hot Kenyan show New Beginnings, on Friday at 22:30 on Ebony Life.


Now you know how to beat the cold, upgrade to DStv Compact and Compact Plus now. With a nice bowl of warm soup, Compact is all you'll ever need.