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Hong Kong Sevens where Kenya emerged winner of Okombe!

If he is not in the field tackling New Zealand or England rugby players, Kenya Sevens rugby winger Dennis Ombachi is probably in the kitchen massively throwing it down. A self-confessed foodie, Ombachi stands tall and quite muscular, something good to look at but he swears his food is even better.

We had a sit down with him amid his busy schedule and he delved more into his relationship with food. Ombachi owns a blog dubbed We Men Should Cook and his objective is quite clear, he is on a quest to re-create the best cuisine the world has to offer. From a simple grilled cheese avocado sandwich and chicken kebabs to the famous Argentinian Chimichuri sauce, Ombachi has tried it all and he is just getting started.

Here is the rather fantastic international rugby star talking good eats and how he likes it: