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Catch the new Swahili telenovela Saida, from Monday to Friday at 20:30 on Maisha Magic East.

There is no story that tugs at the heart more than a love story. Even better if it is a story closer to home like Saida, a new Kiswahili telenovela on Maisha Magi East (158), Monday to Friday at 20:30.

Despite her being born lame and into a conservative family, Saida doesn't want to live her life confined to a wheelchair, and so she looks for one thing that would give her freedom - love. But she finds it in the most unlikely place, she falls for their house boy (Karisa). Here is the twist - Saida and Karisa's families have never seen eye to eye.

Aah, a tale of forbidden love. What are telenovelas without such plotlines? Then again, what is love without opposition from the rest of the world. Despite it being a secretive affair, Saida's parents find out about the two lovers in no time. And all hell breaks loose.

Saida doesn't hold back when it comes to intrigues and drama, the kind that will make you take control of your remote every Wednesday. Even better, this new telenovela is directed and produced by Rueben Odanga, the man who brought you the equally intriguing Nira.

Tune in for a dose of Saida, Monday to Friday at 20:30 on Maisha Magic East.