Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe in Blindspot

Catch the premiere of the new crime drama Blindspot, Wednesday on M-Net.

The opening scene of the new crime drama Blindspot jumps right into the mystery, not preparing you for the surprise you are about to see. A naked woman emerges from a duffel bag in Times Square, and she's got tattoos plastered all over her body. Lots of tattoos. The kind that would make Michael Scofield feel inadequate.

Catch Blindspot Season 1 on Wednesdays at 20:30 on M-Net.

It gets interesting, the mysterious woman, Jane Doe (played by Thor’s Jaimie Alexander), has no recollection of her past – who is she, where she is from or why she’s inside a bag. But she offers something valuable to the FBI - each of her tattoos offers up clues to various crimes that are yet to happen.

This sets the FBI in motion as they run around town, trying to stop these crimes and the people behind them before it is too late. Fans of James Spader’s The Blacklist will realise that they are now entering a familiar territory.

But unlike The Blacklist, which is still making us sweat, trying to unravel Season 1 Episode 1 mysteries, Blindspot will offer some closure from an earlier episode. A brief happy dance and a few smiling emojis should suffice here.

So why should you tune in to this new show?


Who can say no to huge complicated tattoos, especially when they are part of a puzzle. Prison Break started it, Blindspot just fine tunes it.


Who's Jane Doe? Who had the time to draw all those tattoos on her? And why would you stuff a grown woman in a duffel bag? Would it have killed them to just put some clothes on her before putting her inside that bag?


Jane Doe’s tattoos lead to a larger conspiracy of crime, the kind that we all love to delve into. You know what is fascinating about such plotlines - the tagline: Trust no one.

Jaimie Alexander

She’s a beautiful lead with some crazy martial arts skills, the heroine we all root for.

Catch Blindspot Season 1 on Wednesdays at 20:30 on M-Net.