An official breaks off a fight between Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger during a past match between Arsenal and Chelsea

Try and match the quote to the EPL manager.

If there is one thing we’ll miss from Jose Mourinho’s sacking as Chelsea’s manager is his signature tirades, most of them always aimed at his Arsenal counterpart Arsene Wenger, Real Madrid’s Rafa Benitez and most recently, Benitez’s wife.

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Mourinho may have a foul mouth but that’s not to say other managers have a clean slate. EPL managers are known for their pre-match and post-match war of words, taking a swing at each other’s managerial skills while praising their own tactics. These managers are never shy to share what’s on their minds during press conferences, no matter how outrageous or ‘out-of-order’ they may sound.

You may pay attention to what goes on in the pitch, but how good is your ear during these press conferences? Can you single out what the manager of your team said from this pool of quotes?



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Saturday 19 December

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Monday 21 December

Arsenal v Manchester City at 22:00 (Emirates Stadium)

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