Ugandan comedian Salvado

We meet up with Ugandan comedian Salvado.

Patrick Idringi, best known in the world of comedy as Salvado, is probably the funniest stand-up comedian Uganda has produced in recent times. He has toured around Africa extensively and has been featured in top comedy shows like 1000 Nights of Laughter and most recently, The Lord of the Ribs. Organised by Nigeria's Basket Mouth, the latter was featured on MTV (130) and Comedy Central (122). Salvado talks to us about his Easter plans while dishing some juicy revelations.

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What was the best date you ever had with a girl?

It was at a show I had at an expensive restaurant and I brought my then girlfriend. I had waited for an opportunity to host a decent show before bringing her out because she had never seen me perform. I scored major points because she dined, drank and enjoyed my performance. She is now my wife. That was our first official date.

What is parenting like for you?

I have a boy and girl. It’s just adorable how the sister looks at the new boy, it’s beautiful!

It’s not easy bringing them up but it’s cool. My kids are fun. I missed spending time with them before they and their mother moved in with me.

What are some of the cheeky things that a comedian’s kids do?

My daughter is hilarious! She picks calls and accuses me of things. When in public, she can say, out loud, “Daddy, daddy you have farted!” And you know people always believe the kids and that can be embarrassing.

Nairobi, Kampala or Lagos?

Every city has its own vibe. Nigeria is too hot and the people and food are different. Nairobi and Kampala have no big difference. Everything is almost the same. I never feel like I am out of Uganda while in Nairobi. The two cities have the same vibe, beer and weather.

Big booty vs boobs?

Why do you want to separate the two? Why can’t I have both? I want both! (Chuckles)

Tall chic vs short lady?

Short is OK. If you don’t get clothes on their side you can cross over to the kid’s section.

Your favourite meal?

I love kalo - our local meal. It’s like Kenyan ugali but made of millet flour mixed with dried cassava. It is had with either chicken, goat meat or fish. Kalo. Oh my goodness, you will have a good one! You can also try it with matoke.

Ready for some laughs, Salvado will be in Nairobi for a comedy show with Kenyan comedian Churchill on 8 April. For more laughs, remember to tune in for Don't Mess with Kansiime every Wednesdays at 19:30 on Maisha Magic East.