Anne Kansiime performing one of her skits on Don't mess with Kansiime.

We tell you how to prepare for an argument with Ugandan comedienne Anne Kansiime.

Anne Kansiime is Africa’s queen of comedy; a throne she has fairly earned with her confrontational theatrical comedy.

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When she has taken on her comedy alter ego, Kansiime is not someone you would want to get into an altercation with. But it is still likely to happen because well, she is Anne Kansiime. Do you have what it takes to tame this shrew? We have a few tips.

1. Practise your vocal pitch

The first step to winning an argument with Kansiime is to have the highest vocal pitch so that she will not hear herself talk. But be warned, Kansiime is loud and she will not hesitate to engage in a shouting match. Don’t stop either, this is not one of those days to be modest. It will be one noisy argument but at least you’ll be remembered as that person who worked up Kansiime.

2. Eat healthy

Kansiime is a worthy opponent. You will need all the energy you can get, so eat a balanced diet to keep healthy and drink lots of water too.

3. Get into a workout routine

You need to pump up all those muscles and store the energy in all the right places. Hit the gym if you have to. Do squat reps, leg lifts, lunges and anything else that will keep you rejuvenated and ready to take Kansiime head on.

See how Lupita is working it:

4. Get backup

There is always strength in the numbers. Assemble as many people as you can. The aim of this tactic is to scare Kansiime to retreat but, knowing her, it could totally back fire on you. How? We don't know Kansiime to be scared of being outnumbered but it's still worth a shot.

Hey, Kansiime has a little backup of her own.


5. Master a no-nonsense resting face

You know that face that just tells people that you don’t want to entertain any jokes? That’s the face you should pull whenever you see Kansiime. Maybe she’ll take the hint and just walk away calmly - just maybe.

But look what I found. Kansiime has her own no-nonsense resting face and boy, it is priceless.


6. Or you may just want to take the high road and run. I am sure people will understand.

Unless you want to end up like this guy.

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