Pope Francis waving at the public

With Pope Francis coming to Kenya for his maiden tour, take a vote and choose your favourite quote by Pope Francis.

Pope Francis is a man of great wisdom; a man whose words have touched and impacted the masses, regardless of religious affiliation. As one Guardian columnist pointed out, the pontiff's words are always meant to inspire, convince people on all sides that we can do better when we work together for the common good and not to shame.

And now Kenya, Uganda and the CAR have a chance to experience first-hand what it means to be addressed by the Pope directly during his maiden voyage to Africa.

The Holy Father will touch down in Kenya on Wednesday 25 November for a three-day tour before proceeding to Uganda. You can catch this historic visit by tuning in to DStv Channel 199 from 25 November at 11:00 CAT for Live coverage of the Pope.

While you wait to receive his blessings and words of wisdom, here are some of his quotes from his tour across the world. Don't forget to pick your favourite.