DStv Now

Get DStv Now today and enjoy all your favourite shows and movies anywhere.

We are constantly on the move. There's hardly a moment to catch a break or sit down to watch our favourite shows. However, with DStv Now, life becomes more colourful and entertaining. Available to Premium subscribers with PVR access, DStv Now allows you to stream live channels and Catch Up on the favourite shows you’ve missed or those that you’d like to watch again, past their airing date. Series, movies, sports, kid shows, realities, DStv Now has it all.

And it gets even better as you can watch them anywhere, anytime. When we say anywhere, we really mean it.

1. In the powder room

Forget about filling crosswords and reading post-its on the bathroom walls, DStv Now is the best companion you can have.

Whether you are soaking in the tub, while sipping some vintage red wine and are in need of some gripping entertainment - you can catch up with the villainous President Frank Underwood on House of Cards on DStv Now.

2. On holiday

With DStv Now, holidays have never been more enjoyable and fun. At the convenience of your smartphone or tablet or PC, you can watch all your favourite shows like Gotham and The Vampire Diaries. So if you are going somewhere for the holidays, just take DStv Now with you.

3. In the kitchen

Some of us catch glimpses of our favourite shows by dividing our attention between the TV in the living room and the pan in the fire. With DStv Now, you don't have to go through such frustrations. Just place your phone or tablet on the kitchen counter, and watch your favourite show as you keep your eye on the food.

4. On a date

Ever been on a date where you have to wait for hours before your date saunters in with all kinds of excuses? This is when DStv Now comes in handy to keep you company as you wait. By watching a military drama like NCIS: Los Angeles, you won't even notice how late your date is when they finally decide to show up.

5. At the salon

Most people read magazines in the salon but you can be the odd one out by catching up with an episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show on your phone as the hairdresser attends to you because with DStv Now, it's okay to be different. And everyone else will no doubt be crowding around you to see what's getting you hooked!

6. In a matatu/bus or car

With DStv Now, travelling need not be a long boring ride that makes you doze off. Just select the shows you want to watch from the diverse entertainment on DStv Now on your phone, download them in advance and plug in your earphones to enjoy.

When you've got DStv Now, it doesn’t matter where you are because the entertainment is always on the palm of your hands. All you need to do is download the DStv Now app on your phone or tablet, for iOS and Android and start watching.