Kenya Sevens team

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It’s been a week since the Kenyan rugby team brought home the Okombe from Singapore Sevens but the wave hasn’t quite died down yet.

I mean, we Kenyans are passionate people. We don’t move on from our conquests that easily. We reference it in everything we do, we make memes from it and give it life through hashtags. And we welcome our heroes home with ullulations, Isukuti drums and ankle and wrist shakers straight from the airport. We corner them and ask for selfies. Then we invite them to State House and shower them with millions of shillings. It’s just what we do.

With this win, however, all eyes are now fixed on Kenya to see if they can replicate the Singapore success in the upcoming Paris Sevens. More so, a lot will be expected from Collins Injera, the man who scored two tries at Singapore Sevens to lead Shujaas into victory. Certainly, the likes of Fiji, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia won't make it easy.

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