BET's Mancave panel featuring Lamar Odom

If there is anything Black Panther has taught us it’s that we can all achieve great out-of-the-ordinary things if we stand up for a cause we believe in. Motivational speak and #WakandaForever aside, DStv is going all in, in the month of March by bringing you out of the ordinary shows including a variety of sci-fi series, eye-opening documentaries and bold talk shows that tackle head on, some of the toughest issues out there. It gets better; a show that you have been waiting for, for two years (think Game of Thrones’ 2019 return) is back on your screens so it is safe to say that DStv is out with the ordinary, in with the extraordinary. Sit tight TV lovers; these are the premieres you won’t find anywhere else.

1. Death Row Chronicles

Hip-hop was changed forever when Suge Knight and Dr Dre came together in 1991 to form Death Row Records, the record label that introduced Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre himself to the world, and birthed West Coast hip hop dominance. Reeling in profits while releasing chart-topping hits, the record received its biggest blow with the murder of Tupac followed by numerous controversies. This new three part docu-series documents the rise and fall of hip-hop’s most notorious label with never-seen-before footages plus first-hand eye witness accounts on Tupac’s murder. Death Row Chronicles premieres on Sunday 4 March on BET (129), you can also stream it on DStv Now.

2. Colony

In this dystopian sci-fi drama, the city of Los Angeles is in chaos after an alien invasion that converts the city into a militarized bloc run by the invaders who demand total allegiance or suffer the consequences of disobedience. Any emerging resistance is clamped down by shoot-on-sight curfews, forced disappearances, slave labour and other militarized forms of oppression. Lost star Josh Holloway stars as Will Bowman, a man who is willing to do anything to get his son back, even if it means working for the same people that are responsible for his disappearance for the invaders. Tune in to Colony every Monday from 5 March at 20:00 CAT on Universal Channel (117), also stream it on DStv Now.


3. The Man Council

Imagine sharing your experiences and frustrations in life like you would in a therapist office but instead of a therapist, it’s a trio panel that tells it as it is. The show also features guest celebrities who give their own female perspectives to the topic of discussion while sharing their own experiences. Better come ready to hear the truth because this is a place where you will get no-holds barred advice on all the burning questions, no filters. Tune in to The Man Council on Saturdays from 8 March at 21:00 CAT on BET (129), also available to stream on DStv Now.

4. Spirit

South African psychic medium Cindy Kruger takes on one of the most controversial professions à la Hollywood Medium by connecting African celebrities and viewers to their loved ones who have passed and offer them closure. Tune in to Spirit on Fridays from 9 March at 19:10 CAT on FOX Life (126), also stream it on DStv.


5. Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams

Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams is a sci-fi anthology series based on the works of iconic American sci-fi writer Philip K Dick who gave us Blade Runner, A Scanner Darkly, Minority Report among other great works. Some of the familiar faces you will see in this series include Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston, True Blood’s Anna Paquin, Empire’s Terrence Howard, Fargo’s Steve Buscemi and other notable actors who will take you on the strange fantasy world imagined by Philip K Dick. Tune in on Wednesday from 14 March on 22:00 CAT on M-Net (102), which you can also stream on DStv Now.

6. Mel and Sue’s Generation Game

Comedians Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc host this game show that pits different generations of the same family against each other by competing in various tasks and games to win prizes. Tune in to Mel and Sue’s Generation Game on Sunday from 18 March at 18:40 CAT on BBC Brit (120), or stream on DStv Now.

7. Mancave

Have you ever wondered what a mature locker room talk would sound like? Brand new talk show Mancave answers that question by bringing four men together to talk about various issues making headlines including pop culture, relationships, sex and current affairs issues. Hosted by journalist Jeff Johnson, the talk show will also feature a new celebrity guest every week. Tune in to Mancave on Friday from 23 March at 21:00 CAT on BET (129), or stream it on DStv Now.

8. Atlanta Robbin’

The two-year wait is over as Donald Glover’s Emmy-winning show Atlanta makes a comeback with its second season now titled as Atlanta Robbin’. The series continues down its weird and trippy path with Glover’s Earn still trying to get his cousin rapper Paper Boi a deal that could make him a bigger star, of course against a backdrop of cultural and social issues in America. Tune in to Atlanta Robbin’ on Thursday from 29 March at 21:50 CAT on FOX (125), also available for streaming on DStv Now,

9. Cocaine Godmother

Catherine Zeta-Jones is hardly ever on our screens these days, in fact the actress who ruled the 90s and 2000s has only been on two projects since 2013. She makes a comeback in real life crime drama Cocaine Godmother playing the role of Griselda Blanco, the Colombian drug lord also known as the Black Widow. The film follows Griselda’s entry to the US at age 17, her rise in the narco-trafficking business to the time she was deported back in Colombia in 2012. Don’t miss Cocaine Godmother on Saturday 31 March at 20:00 CAT on Lifetime (131), also available to stream on DStv Now.