The cast of One in a Million on Maisha Magic East

Don't miss the rib-cracker One in a Million on Maisha Magic East.

One in a Million is the new rib-cracker on Maisha Magic East (Channel 158), joining veteran sitcoms like Vitimbi (Sundays at 19:30) and the ever "delightful" comedienne Kansiime in Don’t Mess with Kansiime (Wednesday at 19:30).

A new episode of One in a Million will air on Wednesday, 9 June at 20:00.

This comedy revolves around the Bolos, a humble family of four who hit the jackpot and move to an upmarket suburb.

They soon find out that life on the other side isn’t as smooth as they thought when they lose their furniture and are met by an unwelcoming caretaker, Quentin, whose name may be too "Americanised" for Mrs Bolos to pronounce.

Will the Bolos fit in to their new neighbourhood? Oh, we’d love to see them try.

You know who else feels like outsiders with hilarious consequences? The Johnsons on Black-ish, remember to catch it every Saturday at 18:00 on Vuzu Amp.

Take a look at the video below to have a sneak peak of what to expect on One in a Million: