Zawadi at the DStv Kenya offices.

What Zawadi Nyong'o and Susan Mukami are doing in their communities to fight cancer.

As the month of October comes to an end, let us remember our loved ones that breast cancer has taken away from us and the many that are still fighting the illness. 

We speak to two ladies who are doing admirable work in Kenya in relation to cancer.

Zawadi Nyong'o - elder sister to Academy Award-winning actress Lupita - and Susan Mukami tell us about the work they do in their respective communities and the motivation behind that sort of work.

Zawadi has been a feminist and activist for over a decade. It all started at her former High School where she raised a petition that allowed girls to wear trousers. She says her work in activism has since morphed to become even more positive. Her passion in raising cancer awareness can be seen through her social media posts and involvement in helping crowd funding for Jadudi. (Google that).

"I have been working on women's rights and human rights in general for the past 15 years". My fanily decided to set up the Africa Cancer Foundation following my own father's diagnosis with porstate cancer."

After her dad's diagnosis, Zawadi felt like it was time to take the cancer challenge head on and making it a family affair.  The Africa Cancer Foundation was founded in collaboration with the Nyong'o family where Zawadi has done a lot to mark cancer awareness month.


Susan on the other hand is extremely passionate about volunteering in the field of cancer awareness. It all started when her mother was diagnosed with cancer - she has since undergone treatment and is recovering. Susan wants the world to know about her work at Faraja Cancer Support Trust and why everybody needs to learn about cancer therapy this October and always.

Support groups, counselling, yoga, reiki, homeopathy and nutritional advice are some of the additional activities they provide at Faraja Trust, as a source of comfort and support for cancer patients.

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