Our Perfect Wedding

Do you suffer from FOMO? We don’t want you to miss out this November as Maisha Magic East unleashes newest shows and movies – never seen before on TV.


1. Hullabaloo Estate

There is nothing crazier on TV this year than Hullabaloo Estate, at least according to the cast members Olexander, Ondiek and Makhoha. These three comedy legends who first came to our screens on the golden oldie Vioja Mahakamani, are now back with this breath of fresh air Hullabaloo. As its name suggests, Hullabaloo Estate is a comedy series that will depict all the shenanigans of the residents – humour and conflict all mixed into one. This show premieres on Tuesday 1 November at 19:00.

2. Our Perfect Wedding

Maisha Magic East is definitely on a roll this November with the premier of the M-Net produced Our Perfect Wedding (OPW). The only one of its kind in Kenya, Our Perfect Wedding is a documentary-format wedding show that follows different couples in Kenya through their wedding preparations. OPW brings you the drama, laughter, joy, tears and all the craziness that ensues at weddings. In short, anything goes. OPW premieres on Thursday 3 November at 19:00


3. Don’t Mess with Kansiime

It might be November and seasons are changing but Anne Kansiime still has the same level of pettiness she’s always had – maybe even greater. To everyone who might cross her path, try not to breath in her direction because this one has zero chills. The new season of Don’t Mess with Kansiime airs on Wednesdays at 18:30.

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4. Wakwe

Never-seen-before-on TV, Wakwe takes us through the lives of Mr. Kibe and his wife Hawaa as they try to save their only daughter from the clutches of her con husband who only married her for money. Tune in to this new movie on Wednesday 30 November at 20:15.