Ne-Yo in Kenya at Coke Studio Africa season 3

The international star RnB star Ne-Yo was on Coke Studio Africa.

Shaffer Chimere Smith was in town this week but you know him as Ne-Yo.

The international R'n'B star brought an electric energy and vibe to Coke Studio Afica recently and a few people were lucky to experience it all in person.

Ne-Yo came for the show stopper and season wrap of Coke Studio Africa Season 3 and to record with some of Africa’s finest musical artists to date. Wyclef Jean was last season’s international collaborator and he did Divine Sorrow.

This year’s theme on Coke Studio Africa was mash-ups and Ne-Yo guarantees, “It will be an absolute smash.”

The African artists involved in the project include Ali Kiba (Tanzania), Wangechi (Kenya), Dama Do Bling (Mozambique), Ice Prince (Nigeria) and Maurice Kirya (Uganda).


Better known for his love ballads, Wangechi said of Ne-Yo: “He is quite the goofball.”

This being Ne-Yo's maiden trip to East Africa, he said that he appreciated the passion in the music from the artists he had had the pleasure of interacting with. He also promised to fly the African flag back home.

Check out what he had to say about his experience so far:  



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