the cast of undateable on set in a bar scene all looking at something of interest.

It's time to turn up on the entertainment on Vuzu Amp.

With the holidays in full swing, it’s obvious that the kids have taken over the telly. But late in the night it will be time to send the little rug rats to bed and get yourself some well-deserved Vuzu Amp TV time, with lots of new shows to choose from.

This funny quirky band of weirdos are back with a second season of Undateable to show us how not to navigate the dating world. This band of misfits are so awkward alone but together make a lovable and dare I say it, even datable combo. Get front row seats to the dating shenanigans of the Undateable on Tuesday 14 april at 19:30 CAT.

Jane the Virgin is a brand new show about an unlikely story. We meet Jane who, though she has a serious boyfriend, is focused on working, family (her raunchy mother and religious grandmother), school and keeping her virginity until marriage. So when she accidentally gets pregnant - everything starts to unravel.

I know what you are thinking… accidentally pregnant? Well I don’t know either so let's make a date on the season premiere of the Emmy Award-winning Jane the Virgin which airs Wednesday 15 April at 19:30 CAT and find out, shall we?

If you thought rich kids awere only in Beverly Hills then think again. The Rich Kids of Mzansi are here to show you how the other half live. Flashy cars, big homes and everything expensive is the only way these kids know how to do it. Check out the opulence of the rich and now seemingly famous Rich Kids of Mzansi which airs Thursday 16 April at 19:00.

Is this truly the beginning of the end? Hart of Dixie returns for its final season. This is a bitter sweet goodbye because we hopefully, no finally get to see who everybody ends up with. The love triangles that stirred up a storm when Dr. Zoe Hart blew into this quaint little town will all get their conclusions (unless I am completely wrong of course). Relish in the final season of Hart of Dixie which premiers on Thursday 16 April at 19:30.

Maybe three is a charm with the fresh third season of Marrying the Game. With so much controversy surrounding The Game and Tiffany Cambridge’s relationship, all we can do is grab a snack, cuddle up on the sofa, watch the drama unfold and wait with bated breath to see if they will finally walk down the aisle. Marrying The Game airs Friday 17 April at 18.30 on Vuzu Amp. 

The back-stabbing mind games are back with House of Lies season four. Marty Kaan and his associates are ready to turn the drama up to a whole new level. When last season wrapped, Marty was going to jail courtesy of Jeanie’s conscience attack. The other two minions, Doug and Clyde were not sure about what to do next.

With so many questions up in the air like will K & A survive the rift? Will Marty ever get out of Jail? Is Jeanie Pregnant? What is going on with his son? Will Doug and Clyde ever stop being minions and will Doug finally shut up? Well, only the new season will tell. Catch the premier on Monday 20 April at 21:00 CAT on Vuzu Amp. 

If that is not amplified entertainment, I don’t know what is!