Boda Boda Thieves movie coming soon on Maisha Magic East

Never seen before movies coming to Maisha Magic East this July

In the month of July, Maisha Magic East is proud to bring you never-seen-before movies on TV. Here you will find plenty of love but you will also find revenge, drama and a lot of laughter.

What would you do if you were the only breadwinner in your family and had only six months to live? This is the predicament faced by Joseph (Hassan Mageye), a tailor and father to one who is suffering from cancer and chemotherapy. Tailor airs on 10 July at 21:00 EAT.

The life of village beggar Kiilu (Nickson Majane) changes when he comes across two boxes full of money. Now a "rich man", he begins to incur debts only to realise that most of the money in the boxes is just paper mixed with money. Now the debtors have come to collect. Box ya Dough airs on 17 July at 21:00.

From Uganda comes Boda Boda Thieves where a 15-year-old boy is lured into easy money as he takes over his father’s boda boda business. But he soon finds out that crime doesn’t pay and has to spin lies to his family and the police as he tries to make things right. Boda Boda Thieves airs on 24 July at 21:00 EAT.

In Si Watu, revenge takes the upper hand when Stella decides to punish past sins by messing up the marriage of the family that destroyed hers. She will do anything to ruin her step-sister’s happiness. In the movie are household names Lizz Njagah Konstantaras, Sarah Hassan and Ian Mbugua. Si Watu airs on 31 July at 21:00 EAT.