Kenyan actor Gerald Langiri

2016 is almost gone and October is here. That fast, I know. But the good thing with a new month is that we get to watch brand new, never-seen-before movies on Maisha Magic East (158), every Wednesday. With our new line-up, get ready for your movie Wednesdays?

1. Anything For Money

It’s no secret, some people will do anything for money - some will even sell their souls just to get rich quickly. In this movie, a small-time gangster is forced into this "whatever it costs" predicament when he loses his boss' money. Since he is working on a deadline, he will do everything in his power just to get back the money and save himself. Anything For Money premieres on Wednesday 5 October at 20:15.

2. The Kidnap

There are two types of people, those you mess with and those you shouldn’t even dare to mess with, for instance our good ol’ friend from Hollywood Liam Neeson or the bachelor on our coming soon movie The Kidnap. Looking to have one final job before they retire and make big money out of it, three gangsters kidnap one of the richest bachelors in Nairobi and demand ransom to spare his life. Things go sideways when they find out who he is…oops, someone forgot to run a background check. The Kidnap premieres on Wednesday 12 October at 20:15

3. Mzia Mazi

There’s nothing worse than being unable to bear a child for a man that wants to be a father. It’s even worse if he gets abusive because of it. That’s the dilemma faced in Mzia Mazi where a barren woman goes to great lengths to give her abusive husband a child. Catch this heart-tugging tale on Wednesday 19 October at 20:15.

4. Inherited

One of the oldest traditions – wife inheritance – rears its head in this movie where a modern city man (played by Gerald Langiri) is obliged to inherit his brother’s wife after his death. Now he’s caught between fulfilling an old tradition or staying true to his wife as he’s already married. Catch Inherited on Wednesday 26 October at 20:15.

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