Nameless and Wahu

Catch Nameless and Wahu on Happily Ever After on Maisha Magic East.

Celebrity couples are a big gamble, especially when the whole world is constantly watching, spinning rumours and waiting for them to fail. And it is easier to fail, especially if you are always in the limelight - but not for musician power couple Nameless (David Mathenge) and Wahu Kagwi who are still going strong after ten years of marriage.

This couple is so good together it's a little disappointing that KOT hasn't found a nickname for them yet. You know something that rolls nicely on the tongue like Brangelina, Kimye, Omeeka and Billary. Okay, maybe not the last one but you get the flow.

However, even without an exciting nickname, this couple has survived controversies such as divorce rumours that Nameless denied and labelled as cheap gossip on social media, backed by his wife Wahu.

They have even fought Instagram wars together against rapper Octopizzo who suggested that Wahu should receive an award he had just belittled. Nameless didn't take this 'disrespect' to his wife lying down and immediately took to IG to school the rapper on respect and appreciating the little things.

Together through thick and thin, having each other's backs always - these are just some of the marriage lessons that Nameless and Wahu now share with everyone in the second episode of Happily Ever After on Tuesday at 19:30 on Maisha Magic East. Don't miss the Mathenges (as they are known officially) as they let us in on their journey through marriage.