Actor and Poet Elsaphan Njora

Elsaphan Njora had roles in Briefcase Inc, Groove Theory and Lies that Bind. Last year, he transformed into a tortoise in highly acclaimed musical Tinga Tinga Tales. When he's not acting, he's probably on a stage somewhere, baring his soul as a spoken word poet. It's his way of changing the society.

Sometimes, he fights demons. He's pretty good at it actually - that is if the success of the film Kati Kati is anything to go by. In this 2016 TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) winner, Elsaphan plays Thoma, a man stuck in the afterlife (among other souls) and must resolve his issues before he moves on to the next stage.

It is this role in Kati Kati that has earned this multi-talented actor his first Africa Magic Viewers' Choice Awards (AMVCAs 2017) nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

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In the meantime, watch him talk about his role in Kati Kati and how he feels about his AMVCAs 2017 nomination: