The love triangles with Maza at the fore

Maza, a new Swahili soap opera, has launched on Maisha Magic East (158).

Maza, a new Swahili soap opera, has launched on Maisha Magic East (158). The show, which premiered on Monday, 21 August, depicts unfolding intrigues and drama of a once successful family whose strong bond is crushed by a best friend’s envy in one night.

Maza will air on weekdays at 19.30 on Maisha Magic East (158) and will depict real life scenarios around friendships gone wrong, jealousy, twists and turns that raise the plot of the drama minute by minute and the use of supernatural powers to satisfy greed for wealth.

Corporate Affairs Manager Philip Wahome in his address at the launch reiterated the commitment by MultiChoice Kenya to offer quality and affordable entertainment.

He said: “We understand our customers' changing demands and we are committed to offer them the kind of entertainment they want. Furthermore, we strive to deliver value to our customers by making great entertainment more accessible by maintaining affordable subscription rates. Maisha Magic is a key partner for us in the delivery of this promise to our subscribers by providing 100% local content to our customers.”

While addressing industry stakeholders during the launch of the new drama series in Mombasa, the Head of Channel for Maisha Magic East, Margaret Mathore said the new show added to the menu demonstrates Maisha Magic East’s commitment to provide premium local content for viewers on DStv.

She added that Maisha Magic East provided a ready market for the growing entertainment industry and urged local producers to take the opportunity offered by Maisha Magic to invest in creation of more local shows that viewers across the East African region can enjoy.

“Today’s launch of Maza is a key milestone for us in delivering the 15 new shows we promised for the year 2017/2018. We have already put out 3 shows that have quickly gained traction with our audiences and we trust that Maza will also keep our viewers glued to their screens throughout the season,” Mathore added.

Maza, the drama series is set in the coastal town of Mombasa. Maza is a Swahili slang word for ‘MAMA’ that illustrates negativity and lack of respect when used. 

The show, produced by Lulu Hassan, features five main characters Dingo (husband), Lea (wife), Maya (daughter), Badi (son) and Kate (Lea's best friend) through which the plot is realized using other supporting characters.

It flashes back 10 years ago when Lea, Dingo’s wife mysteriously disappears and is never to be found or heard from again. After years of an emotional roller-coaster, Dingo and his two kids Maya and Badi must find closure; the court declares Lea officially dead but her cousin sister Pili suspects malice and is not ready to let go of the matter that easily.

When Lea’s best friend Kate visits, she is warmly appreciated and becomes the perfect replacement for Lea. Behind the scenes, the family lawyer, Wakili and Kate have planned for years to settle Lea’s wealth. Finally when opportunity knocks, Kate wastes no time. But when she arrives at the mansion as Dingo’s wife, the dark aura that surrounds her reveals itself. She is a dark witch…and so begins endless family trauma.

Maza will air on weekdays at 19.30 on Maisha Magic East (158).

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