UG soul singer Maurice Kirya

The Ugandan king of Mwooyo (soul music) has been touring East Africa on and off and will be in Kenya to perform at the Koroga Festival for the first time. He has already announced as well that on 29 July, he will be reviving his Maurice Kirya Live in Concert experience in Uganda. His latest album, Mwoyoo, has been doing well on the charts with songs like Horses in the Sky, Ghost, Busaabala and Never Been Loved proving to be favourites. Catch his music on Rave Mix, Monday to Friday at 17:00 on Maisha Magic East (158).

Here is a list of things you might not know about the sexy crooner:

1. He was struck by lightning as a child

How many people do you know who have been struck by lighting? This is such a rare occurrence. Kirya says: “It’s a long story but I was thrilled. It’s nice that I didn’t understand what happened. I was inside the house busy trying to understand what happened to me.”

2. He sings melodies and songs in film form

When Kirya is composing melodies or songs, he says he only sees them as visuals. “I don’t see it as poetry but a movie in my head. That’s how I write songs, it’s the hardest thing as it confuses me so I sing, I have to assume the position of a movie commentator.”

3. He has only ever cried twice all his life

Does this even make sense? Babies approximately cry 10 times in one hour. Kirya reveals that his tears are mostly internal and that he has only cried twice. The first time was after a traumatic experience when he was 12. “One of the toughest things I have ever had to gone through. Just an hour can affect you so much for years,” he says. The other time he cried a river was last year when his mother passed away.

4. He has super human listening ability

When Kirya is listening to sounds from far away, his ears move like a dog’s. And no, this doesn’t scare people close to him. He says: “People around me laugh about it.”

5. He loves business and food – in equal measure.

Kirya is one of the few East African celebrities who in addition to the music business is serious in the food business. He is famed for owning one of Uganda’s swankiest restaurants: Sound Cup. He confesses, “I am terrible at numbers so I just make people comfortable. I sell products and I let my staff handle the rest.”

To get your cooking skills right, you can watch Fearless Chef on Nat Geo Wild (182) or All Star Academy on Food Network (175). 

6. He has no attention span until you blow up a balloon or brush your teeth.

He says, “I am an artist. I am afraid of balloons; I will never be around them. I can’t watch someone brush teeth or hear the sound.”