Maqbul as Donovan in Auntie Boss on Maisha Magic East

Maqbul talks about his role as Donovan on Auntie Boss on Maisha Magic East

Kenya’s Donovan is not quite the ball-busting badass that Ray Donovan is but he will crack your ribs up. A little confused about what I am talking about? Let me clear it up for you.

Maqbul, the iconic morning radio show host on Capital FM, is the hilarious Donovan on Auntie Boss, aka the perfect sitcom to unwind to after a long day of dealing with life. His character on the show is probably someone you know and its cute, relatable stories draw you in and keep you laughing through the whole show.

Catch the hilarious Auntie Boss every Thursday and Friday at 19:30 on Maisha Magic East (158). If you can’t catch it then Catch Up with it in your DStv Explora whenever you can make the time and get #LocoAboutLocal. 

Maqbull lets us in on how he and Eve D’Souza are the perfect match on and off screen and how they have learned from each other. They are in a weird way master-student-master type of relationship.